I am Eug1 (Alkmaar, 1972) and all my life I have been interested in what later turned out to be called action painting and materialism. Work by Pinot-Gallizio, Tápies and Bogart give me energy, but I also get a lot of inspiration from paintings by Appel, Pollock, Armando and Raquel van Haver.

In recent years I have been making fascinating patterns by lavishly splattering or brushing brightly colored paint onto canvas. Sometimes straight lines come through this. This is symbolic for my daily dilemma: do I choose freedom or the restriction of structure?

Paint is a carrier for me. I mix it with gel medium, sand, gravel, plastic granulate, etc. Tinguely’s squeaky installations brought me to hardware. Corroded screws are beautiful. Bright red ones as well, by the way. I can watch them for hours.

To me, as an organic chemist, it is fascinating that nails continue rusting in acidic acrylic paint. And salty beach sand from The Gambia turns gel medium into an uncontrollable watery liquid. There is no way anymore to control what happens to the colors.

A 50 x 60 cm work costs 325,- euros. Smaller ones are cheaper, bigger ones are more expensive.

Do you want to know something? Mail, app or call me. Do it!

Eugeen (Eugene) van Wees

Some information is attached to the photos. The work is not available when it ends at nb.