For quite some years I have been fascinated by action painting and materialism. Works of Pinot-Gallizio, Tápies, and Bogart give me energy, but paintings by Appel, Pollock, Armando, and Raquel van Haver inspire me a lot as well. Their contours and colours make me happy.

I like to experiment with paint in bright colors, which I apply to the panel with a trowel. Sometimes I inmediately scrape off the paint to add a new layer. Just to see what happens. Or I add circles and lines, until a fascinating composition emerges.

Fascinating patterns arise when I lavishly splatter or brush colored paint onto canvas. Sometimes straight lines come through this. This is symbolic for my daily dilemma: do I choose for freedom or the restriction of structure?

Being economical with paint is not part of the game. You see thick layers, heavy textures and bright blobs dripping over the edge. Call it effusive or lavish. Sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable with this luxurious use of materials in these times. But this is who I am and I simply have to do it.

Paint is a carrier for me. I mix it with gel medium, sand, gravel, plastic granulate, etc. Tinguely’s squeaky installations brought me to hardware. Corroded screws are beautiful. Bright red ones as well, by the way. I can watch them for hours.

To me, as an organic chemist, it is fascinating that nails continue rusting in acidic acrylic paint. And salty beach sand from The Gambia turns gel medium into an uncontrollable watery liquid. There is no way anymore to control what happens to the colors.

Different from what I am used to do, I recently work with big brushes as well. They are so nice to brush with and they leave beautiful traces in thick layers of paint. This way I create undulating landscapes that contrast with a plain background.

A 50 x 60 cm work costs 325,- euros without a frame. Smaller ones are cheaper, bigger ones are more expensive.

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Regards Eug1

Some information is attached to the photos. The work is not available when it ends at nb.